A Returns-Driven Hard Science Investment Firm.

We are creating a new generation of companies, grounded in world-class scientific discovery, with the ability to disrupt existing industries or establish new ones.

  • 2014

    Received a founding investment from IP Group plc to begin our journey as IP Group, Inc. Established first partnerships with the University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University, and Columbia University. Founded our first spin-out investment, Exyn Technologies.

  • 2015

    Added 3 Department of Energy Labs as partners. Invested in our second spin-out - MOBILion Technologies from the Pacific Northwest National Lab.

  • 2016

    Started partnerships with Yale University, the University of Washington, and Johns Hopkins University.

  • 2018

    Portfolio continued to grow – 10 companies created. Restructured the firm to allow for expansion of LP base.

  • 2021

    First companies valued at over $100 million – Carisma Therapeutics in February 2021 and MOBILion Technologies in June 2021.

  • 2022

    Portfolio company Carisma Therapeutics announces its reverse merger with Sesen Bio and starts trading on NASDAQ.

  • Today

    Launched our new brand Longview Innovation to continue delivering on the promise of scientific discovery.

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We are a hard science investment firm with a proven, differentiated approach.

Hybrid Structure

Permanent capital platform, partnership tax efficiencies, and corporate governance.

Disciplined Process

Customized, disciplined process that de-risks or terminates opportunities before deploying material capital.

Unique Team

Seasoned, hand-picked team assembled to find, build and invest in hard science.

How We Do It

Purpose-Built to Embrace Scientific Risk.

  • YEAR -2
  • YEAR 0-2
  • YEAR 3-5
  • YEAR 6-8
  • YEAR 8+
  • YEAR (-2)

    Partner with prestigious North American research institutions to test scientific innovation through our proven proprietary process.

  • YEAR 0-2

    Establish companies with disruptive, science-based commercial capabilities and a talented team and network.

  • YEAR 3-5

    Build on early-established commercial links with industry players to grow revenue, expand and mentor executive teams, and accelerate customer expansion.

  • YEAR 6-8
    Accelerate/Initial Returns

    Establish blue chip co-investor syndicates to drive ambition and commercial outcomes and lock in initial returns.

  • YEAR 8+
    Harvest/Optimize Exit

    Maintain investment optionality to capture highly valuable later returns.

Our proven partnership approach creates a strong competitive advantage.

We partner with prestigious North American universities and US Department of Energy National Labs to commercialize transformative technologies. These are among our founding partners.

Our Partners